Surya Sound

Surya Sound

"Surya Sound" is a general term for various musical activities of Lucjan Wesołowski. In 1996, he registered the company "Surya Sound" in Lodz, which quickly became a music department of the "Ravi" publishing house.

Under the name "Surya Sound" as licensor, numerous CDs have been issued in Poland and in other countries.

"Surya Sound" means following activities:

Concert cooperation

Concert and recording cooperation with artists from various countries, such as Rajendra Teredesai (India), Patrizia Saterini (Italy), Pandit Shivkumar (India), Abdelhak Ouardi (Morocco), Jignesh Sheth (India), Maurizio Murdocca (Italy), Samah Gayed (Egypt /Switzerland), Svatava Drlíčková (Czech Republic), Amit Chakraborty (India) and others.

Organization of recordings

Organization (from artistic and technical point of view) recordings of Polish and other artists in the "Surya Sound Studio" in Łódź, as well as outside of its headquarter. This is possible thanks to high-quality ROLAND and YAMAHA recording equipment, which can be transported to any place. CDs, recorded as a part of the "Surya Sound Studio" activity, have been released in Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary and the USA.

Records production

Production of LUCYAN’s recordings (artistic pseudonym of Lucjan Wesołowski in the field of oriental, meditative and relaxing music) and sale of licenses to record companies.

Organization of concerts

Organization of concerts in Poland and abroad of musical bands leaded or co-created by Lucjan Wesołowski.

Internet sale

Online sales of Lucjan Wesołowski's music. Lucyan’s recordings (recorded by himself or with other artists) are being sold as mp3 and as physical CDs by over 50 online stores in many countries, with iTunes, Spotify and Amazon at the forefront.

The main international seller of Lucyan’s recordings and of other artists promoted by "Surya Sound" is the American company CD BABY ( It sends CDs to buyers around the world. The list of CDs proposed by "Surya Sound" via CD BABY and the purchase conditions are available at (check Lucyan, Shakti Vilas, Kovi Szabolcs, Piotr Kolasa, etc.). The company sells also music in mp3 format.

The Polish partner of "Surya Sound" in this field is the Polish company "Soliton", which has released over 10 Lucyan albums (recorded by himself or with other musicians). That company sells also music in digital form.